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Our Online Pet Pharmacy

💊 Benefits of Our Online Pharmacy:

  • True Convenience – No need to spend time waiting for your pet’s prescription while you shop. No need to drive around and find a pharmacy that carries your pets’ specific medication. Simply go online to order your pet’s medication, and your prescriptions are filled and shipped to your doorstep. Our online pharmacy is available 24/7!

  • Monthly Promo Codes – Check out our social media posts on the first of every month reminding you it is that time again for your pet’s preventative medication. Included in the reminder post will be new promotional codes offering various discounts to our online pet pharmacy. Who doesn’t love to save some money while shopping for your furry best friend?!

💊 Outside Pharmacies:

Due to a multitude of issues, we will no longer respond to voicemails, emailed requests, or other correspondence from outside pharmacies as of December 10, 2022. By authorizing a solicited prescription request, it can introduce many different liabilities to our practice in the event the outside pharmacy provides the wrong medication or instructions for use. Also, it is impossible for us to identify if the request is truly coming from the pet owner listed. By using our online pharmacy we can control the dosages, instructions, and authenticity of the product. In addition, the sheer volume of requests from outside pharmacies can become overwhelming, taking excessive amounts of staff time to process and verify. When requested by our clients, Double H Veterinary Services, LLC will provide a written prescription, for approved prescriptions, to be used for outside pharmacies (ex. Chewy, 1-800-Petmeds, Walmart PetRx, etc.). It is then your responsibility to send the written prescription to the pharmacy of your choice by their preferred methods. We will not communicate with outside pharmacies by phone, email, fax, etc. We simply do not have the staffing to manage the constant interruptions that online pharmacies place on veterinary practices. We encourage our clients to order their pet’s online products from our secure online store (Click here to visit). We work hard to ensure that the pricing is competitive with the popular online pharmacies. Using Double H Veterinary Services’ online pharmacy helps streamline your pet’s care, keeps their medical records accurate, provides free shipping with auto ships or orders >$49, applies instant rebates and other promotions, and by using Double H Veterinary Services’ online pharmacy you are supporting a small local business. We appreciate your support and understanding!!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding this.